TCS NQT - Numerical Ability

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Question 1     

The Collection of numbers which comprise the data given below is arranged in ascending order. (3,7,9,N - 1,15,18,19,20). If the median of the data is 12.5, what is the value of N?

Question 2     

96 men were engaged for a project of constructing a railway track of the length of 18km in four weeks. After one week it was observed that the work of 4km was completed. How many additional men should be engaged for timely completion of the project?

Question 3     

An item was sold at a profit of 12% after giving a discount of 12.5% on the List Price. What would be the gain or loss percentage if a discount of 25% is given on the List Price?

Question 4     

What is the diameter in cm of a solid right circular cylinder whose height is 6 cm and the area of the curved surface is five times the combined area of the two flat surfaces?

Question 5     

The Variation in temperature throughout the day in a desert town was studied on the basis of the records of the maximum and minimum temperatures which was 36 and 8 degree centigrade respectively. What was the standard deviation in degree centigrade?

Question 6     

How much percentage is (0.025% of 240% of 1.5) of 0.9?

Question 7     

If the positive square root of ((90^0.5)+(80^0.5) is multiplied by (2^0.5 - 1), and the product is raised to the power of four, the result would be:

Question 8     

In an election between two candidates,75% of the voters cast their votes, out of which 2% were declared invalid. A candidate get 9261 votes which were 75% of the valid votes. The total number of voters enrolled in that election were

Question 9     

What is the mean deviation of the data: 8,9,12,15,16,20,24,30,32,34?

Question 10     

A sum of Rs.30000 invested in a scheme where the interest gets compounded annually and grows to Rs. 51840 in three years. How much interest (in Rs.) would have got accrued in six months in the same scheme had the interest been compounded quarterly?

page 1 out of 9

page 1 out of 9

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