We strongly believe in the power of technology and how it is going to transform the world in the near future. Our dream is to help students and businesses transition easily to the digital era. Many students are enthusiastic to learn fundamentals of Computer Science but are often confused about what domain to choose and where to begin with. We intend to bridge that gap by providing a structured path with knowledge of the latest technology, so that they can easily reach their destination. We also believe that every business out there needs to make a digital footprint, to expand more and improve. With tremendous leap in the number of online users, businesses can only sustain if they are digital, in the near future. We, at the Inquisitive want to make this dream of every entrepreneur, come true with the best of our efforts.


A heartfelt message from the team to students:

          "Remember, It is never too late to begin. But learning should never be given up in any circumstances. As students, we faced a lot of struggle while learning. So, we want to strive our 100% to make this process of learning simple and easy for our fellow enthusiasts. Our intention is to guide you in the right path. We will be with you throughout your journey, and together we will overcome the obstacles. But you must commit to work HARD and learn SMART. Its always YOU who need to stand still."

We wish you a Happy Learning!!!


Mr. Ravi Kumar Palo

CEO & Founder
Sri Harsha

Mr. N. Sri Harsha

Full Stack Developer

Mr. K. Surya Vamsi

Full Stack Developer