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Question 1     

1. 4, 6, 10, 14, 22, 26, 34, 38, 46, _ ? what is next term in the series.

Question 2     

y, _?, q, m, i

Question 3     

A tap can fill a drum in 60 minutes. When it has been opened for 20 minutes, a hole is made at the bottom of the drum to siphon the water into a sump.

Question 4     

Anil borrowed a total of 4000 USD from 2 lenders with simple interest at the rate of 5% p.a. and 7% p.a. the total interest paid for 3 was USD 696. how much did he borrow respectively. If from 2” lender?

Question 5     

In Sunil’s family the youngest member was 1 year old and the oldest member was 67 year old. The second youngest member was 1 year older than the youngest member, the third 2 years older than the second and so on. How many members are there in Sunil’s family?

Question 6     

The performance bonus of 2 associates are in the ratio 9:10. If each them receives an increase of 88 USD, the ratio of the wages will be 10:11. What is their respective wages before the increase?

Question 7     

10% of the garments produced in a mill are found defective and 20% are of the remaining are sold in the factory outlet. If the remaining 5040 garments are shipped to other retail stores, then the number of garments that were defective was:

Question 8     

The average score of Rahul Dravid in a certain number of innings is 43. He then played a another 8 innings in which he scored 96, 1, 22, 67, 39, 48, 69,2. What is the new average of Dravid after those 8 innings

Question 9     

Rohit Sharma's score in a T20 game is 4 times the average of his scores in the previous 5 games. What has been the percentage increase in this average after the 6th game?

Question 10     

My age 3 years hence multiplied by 3 and from that subtracted 3 times my age 3 years ago will give you my exact age. How old am I?

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