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Question 1     

What is the default value of position attribute?

Question 2     

Which Of The Following Selector Selects An Element That Has No Children?

Question 3     

Which CSS Selector can be used to define style for a unique element

Question 4     

Which of the following is correct syntax

Question 5     

What is selector in the following piece of code?

p {
  color: red;
  text-align: center;

Question 6     

Which of the following method rotates an element around its Y-axis at a given degree using tranform 3D?

Question 7     

Which of the following css property is used to define a delay before an animation starts?

Question 8     

Which of the following css propery define the properties that will be animated in an animation rule?

Question 9     

Which CSS Property Sets A Background Image For An Element?

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