Verbal - Pronouns Nouns

Question 1     

Identify the type of noun for the underlined word.

My happiness and love towards you will never fade.

Question 2     

How many types of pronouns are there in English grammar?

Question 3     

I am starving, but the food is not ready yet.

Identify which type of pronoun for the underlined word.

Question 4     

Identify the type of pronoun for the underlined word.

This car is mine and I bought it for diwali.

Question 5     

Identify the type of pronoun.

Do you think everyone in this class should go to the science fair?

Question 6     

Fill the blank.

He began to run behind the dog. But ___ was too quick.

Question 7     

Identify type of noun

The girls in this class are very active.

Question 8     

Identify the pronoun.

I thanked myself in front of mirror for my progress.

Question 9     

Identify the type of pronoun.

I saw the dog that you own.

Question 10     

Identify the pronouns.

He had a guitar whose colour is red.

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