Verbal - Identifying parts of Speech

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Question 1     

Which part of speech does the word "pudding" belong to, in the following sentence. I don't want pudding.

Question 2     

Find the parts of speech of the "pudding" from the below sentence. I don't want no pudding.

Question 3     

Which part of speech does the word "lacking" belong to, in the below sentence. He is lacking in confidence.

Question 4     

Which part of speech does the word "hypotheticals" belong to in the following sentence? Officials refuse to discuss military policy except in coy hypotheticals.

Question 5     

Find the parts of speech of the word "hypotheticals" from the below sentence. officials refuse to discuss military policy except in coy hypotheticals

Question 6     

Alas! How boring the day was!

Question 7     

Eshwar goes to college everyday.

Identify the Part of Speech for the underlined word.

Question 8     

Identify the part of speech for the underlined word.

Sujit has an elegant red guitar which was gifted by his dad.

Question 9     

Sudha was writing notes when Rani entered her room.

Question 10     

Ram runs very quickly.

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