Verbal - Conjunctions

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Question 1     

________ there is a need for social distancing, people are not following it.

Question 2     

I love animals.I just brought two cats ________ one dog.

Question 3     

He does not smoke, ________  does he play cards. He is very good.

Question 4     

I want to go to the movies, ________ my mom hates them.

Question 5     

Would you rather wear a dress ________ jeans?

Question 6     

John is struggling in his math class,________ he hired a tutor.

Question 7     

________ you were at college, an amazon executive delivered a package.

Question 8     

________ you get hungry before dinner, you can eat an apple.

Question 9     

I can’t decide ________ I want to take ECE or EEE.

Question 10     

I went to hostel ________ the completion of my exam.

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