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Question 1     

Read the passage given below and answer questions

It used to be the American shopper that exemplified the state of the world economy. The focus now should be on the person on the other side of the till. America’s retail industry is huge. It employs 15.9 Mn workers, which represents one in nine American jobs. It is also undergoing a wrenching change, as e-commerce eats into sales. There is no more pressing test of society’s ability to cope with technology’s impact on work.

That impact is already visible. For all the benefits that online retailing brings to consumers, it is causing immense pain to offline rivals. Last year 4,000 American stores closed; this year more than twice that number may shutter. Standard & Poor’s, a rating agency, expects retail defaults this year to outnumber those in 2009, at the height of the global recession. Some formats— discount stores, groceries, high-end malls—will continue to thrive. But many will shrink. The industry has shed 50,000 net jobs since January. Department stores may need to close more than 800 stores to reach the productivity levels of 2006. Many outlets are looking for ways to cut labor costs by embracing automation.

This passage is mainly about ____________________________

Question 2     

Government_has_been promising the eradication of child labour in high risk Industries in India for many years. However, almost 100 million children are still at work instead of going to school, and around 10 million are working in (1)__________________________________ Industries. India has the biggest child population of 380million in the world; plus the (2)__________________________________ number of children who are forced to earn a living.

Blank 1. A) honorary B)hazardous C)handicraft D)hardware
Blank 2. A)largest_____ B) lowest _C)latest_________ D)loudest

Question 3     

Read the passage given below and answer questions
Twinkling lights are just visible behind screens where staff are putting the finishing touches to this year’s Christmas displays, but in other parts of the shop, the lights are still off. John Lewis’s flagship store in Oxford Street, Central London, is bearing the scars of the pandemic.

A restaurant and cafe are closed and there are more staff than customers on the furnishings floor. The fashion floor is also a depressing sight, with tags flagging big discounts on racks of unwanted dresses and office wear. Last week it emerged John Lewis had applied for planning permission to convert entire floors of this shop into office space. It’s not hard to see why.

John Lewis, with its employee ownership and reputation for stellar customer service, still holds a special place in shoppers’ hearts. But while sister chain Waitrose, along with other supermarkets, has thrived in the pandemic, results published last week show the department store chain is in deep trouble.Huge changes in shopper behaviour, which have been accelerated by coronavirus, mean the John Lewis website is now responsible for 60% of the chain’s sales – up from 30% pre-Covid. This tilt towards the web means the department stores, as properties, are now deemed to be worth nearly £500 Mn less than before – a reassessment in last week’s results that sent the group crashing £635 Mn into the red in the first half of its financial year.

Which one of the following is NOT a scar of the pandemic?

Question 4     

Which business will NOT continue to prosper?

Question 6     

How do we know that John Lewis had been in prosperous business prior to the COVID pandemic?

Question 7     

Which one of the following expressions from the passage means losing money?

Question 8     

Aisha had been very successful at managing her team in Edinburgh and was asked by the company to lead a remote team for an important two-year project. Keen to demonstrate her leadership abilities to the head office, Aisha got her team members together for a remote meeting. But right from that first meeting, she realized that this was going to be a different challenge. (1) _______________________________ Lucia kept asking about really specific details, while Aisha was hoping to use the meeting to get to know the team members and identify priorities. Archie and Lucia kept accidentally talking at the same time, and when they didn’t speak, there was an uncomfortable silence. Valentina hardly said a word. (2) _______________________________ Without these visual clues, Aisha had no idea whether people were interested, lost, confused or bored.

No one had their cameras on, so there was none of the usual communication through body language or facial expressions
Compared to face to face meetings, the remote team is not preferred by all the managers
For a start, Archie was late for the meeting by about 15 minutes because of ‘technical problems.

Question 9     

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate set of words from the options given below:
What did the painter do----------- himself from falling?
When he felt the ladder----------- he grabbed the gutter to save himself from falling

Question 10     

One part of the sentence below may contain may error. Identify the part. If there is no error, choose ‘No error’. Everyday life have become more complicated with the advancement in mobile technology.

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