Datastructures - Linked List

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Question 1     

Which of the following application makes use of a circular linked list?

Question 3     

If in a linked list address of first node is 1020 then what will be the address of node at 5th position ?

Question 4     

Which of the following statements are true ?

i) practical application of XOR linked lists are in environments with limited space requirements, such as embedded devices.
ii)xor lists are not suitable because most garbage collectors will fail to work properly with classes or structures that don’t contain literal pointers
iii)in order to c

Question 5     

Which of the following operations is performed more efficiently by doubly linked list than by singly linked list?

Question 6     

 What would be the asymptotic time complexity to add an element in the linked list?

Question 7     

Complete the code given below which has the functionality that counts the number of elements in the list:
    public int length(Node head)

public int length(Node head)
	    int size = 0;
	    Node cur = head;
	    	//complete the code
	    return size;

Question 8     

Linked lists are not suitable to for the implementation of?

Question 9     

Which of the following is true about the linked list implementation of the queue?In a push operation, if new nodes are inserted at the beginning of a linked list, then in pop operation, nodes must be removed from the end.

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