Aptitude - Profit and Loss

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Question 1     

A shopkeeper sold an article for Rs. 2500. If the cost price of the article is 2000, find the profit percent.

Question 2     

A man purchases a TV for Rs. 7000 and sells it at 20% loss. What is the selling price of T.V?

Question 3     

A shopkeeper purchases a table and sells it for Rs. 5200. If he incurs a loss of 10%, find the cost price of table.

Question 4     

The cost price of 10 articles is equal to the selling price of 9 articles. Find  the profit percent.


Question 5     

By selling an article for Rs. 247.50 we get a profit of 12½%. The cost of the article is:

Question 6     

What is the cost price of an article which is sold at a loss of 25% for Rs. 150?

Question 7     

A man buys 10 articles for Rs. 8 and sell them at Rs. 1.25 per article. His gain is: 

Question 8     

There would be 10% of loss if a toy is sold at Rs. 10.80 per piece. At what price should it sold to earn a profit 10%?

Question 9     

A man sells 320 mangoes at the cost price of 400 mangoes. His gain percent is:

Question 10     

If i purchased 11 books for Rs. 10 and sold all other books at rate of 10 books for Rs. 11, the profit percent is :

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page 1 out of 3

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