Aptitude - Mixtures and Allegations

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Question 1     

A mixture of 40 litres of salt and water contains 70%of salt. How much water must be added to decrease the salt percentage to 40%?

Question 2     

A Jar contains 30 litres mixture of Milk and Water in the ratio of x:y respectively. When 10 litre of the mixture is taken out and replaced it water, then the ratio becomes 2:3. Then what is the initial quantity of Milk in the Jar?

Question 3     

A milkman stole milk from a can that contained 50% of milk and he replaced what he had stolen with milk having 20% milk. The bottle then contained only 25% milk. How much of the bottle did he steal?

Question 4     

Shruti possessing 10,000, lent a part of it at 5% simple interest and the remaining at 20% simple interest. Her total income after 5 years was 7500. Find the sum lent at 20% rate.

Question 5     

Sharman decides to travel 100 kilometres in 8 hours partly by foot and partly on a bicycle, his speed on foot being 10 km/h and that on bicycle being 20 km/h, what distance would he travel on foot?

Question 6     

A mixture worth ` 80 a kg is formed by mixing two types of flour, one costing 50 per kg while the other 110 per kg. In what proportion must they have been mixed?

Question 7     

A 10 percent gain is made by selling the mixture of two types of milk at  48 per kg. If the type costing 61 per kg was mixed with 100 kg of the other, how many kilograms of the former was mixed?

Question 8     

A man buys milk at ` 85 per liter and dilutes it with water. He sells the mixture at the same rate and thus gains 11.11%. Find the quantity of water mixed by him in every liter of milk.

Question 9     

In what proportion must water be mixed with honey so as to gain 10% by selling the mixture at the cost price of the honey? (Assume that water is freely available)

Question 10     

Two vessels contain a mixture of spirit and water. In the first vessel the ratio of spirit to water is 8 : 3 and in the second vessel the ratio is 5 : 1. A 35 litre cask is filled from these vessels so as to contain a mixture of spirit and water in the ratio of 4 :1. How many liters are taken from the first vessel?

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