Algorithms - Greedy

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Question 1     

Frequency of the characters is as follows

a-45, b- 13, c- 12, d-16, e-19, f-5.

Construct a tree using Huffman coding. Which of the following is correct?

Question 2     

For the below tree compute the codeword for c?

Question 3     

Which of the following can be done through Greedy Algorithm?

Question 4     

What is the worst time complexity to find shortest path possible from One node to another node (source and destination are fixed)?

Question 6     

Knapsack problem can be solved using

Question 7     

What is the Best approach to implement Huffman coding?

Question 8     

Worst case code of the Huffman coding will be

Question 9     

What is the running time complexity of Huffman code?

Question 10     

In Huffman coding, data is always stored at leaves

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