Algorithms - Backtracking

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Question 1     

Finding the subset of sum problem can be solved using in efficent manner?

Question 2     

In BackTracking problem will be terminated when it finds the solutions

Question 3     

X: BackTracking is faste slower than exahustive search Y : In BackTracking state-space tree is implemented using BFS

Question 4     

State-space tree is a tree which is construction of the solution from partial solution starting with the root.

Question 6     

Which data strcutre is used to implement state-space tree?

Question 7     

Which of the following is an application of BackTracking?

Question 8     

How many possible solutions for 8 queen problem on 8 x 8 chess board?

Question 9     

In n queen problem, for which value of n number of solutions is ZERO?

Question 10     

How many possible solutions for 6 queen problem on 6 x 6 chess board?

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